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CHURCHILL'S MOTHER. Very interesting

Jenny Jacobson


Born In 1854

Mother of Winston And Spencer Churchill. A Brooklyn Girl With a Wealthy Father.

She Marries Royalty and Becomes an English Socialite. Her Affair With King Edward VII Was The Key To Winston's Rise. They were lovers for over twenty years.

Jenny Jacobson Churchill

One of the best kept secrets of World War Two was Churchill's racial heritage. His mother was Jenny Jacobson, daughter of Jerome Jacobson, a multi millionaire from New York. Born in Brooklyn She was born in 1854, at 197 Amity Street, in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn, New York.

There Were Three Sisters, Jenny, Clara and Naomi. Jenny's Family:

Her father, Leonard Walter Jerome born November 3, 1817 in Pompey, New York. Leonard Jerome (nee Jacobson) was a Princeton Graduate. He moved to Brooklyn, New York, where he became a notable and flamboyant stock market speculator and promoter.

Proprietor, and editor, of the New York Times, who used gattling guns on his striking employees. He was a stock speculator, and a close friend of August Belmont, Sr (nee Schoenberg), American representative of the Rothschild family's banking. He had interests in Broadway theaters, race tracks and railroads.

He was plagued by scandals such as (Minnie Hauk was believed to be his illegitimate daughter). He changed his name from Jacobson to Jerome. The New York social scene was run by a German named Lady Astor, and under no circumstances were these blue bloods interested in some natty second generation Polish Jews.

Jennie's teenage years were spent in Paris, where she and her family were mingled with European society. The Jewish trend was to shop Europe for eligible husbands with a proper title. The Iroquois Fabrication:

Jenny was so Sephardic looking that the press made up a story that she was an Iroquois Indian. Jennie Meets Lord Churchill Society had gathered at Cowes for the yachting festival Lord Randolph Churchill among the rest. Mrs. Jerome had brought her two elder daughters to join in the gaieties of the regatta.

Randolph Churchill Marries In April 1874, Jenny's father paid Churchill to marry Jenny, who was pregnant at the time. Randolph received $2.5 million in today's money, and assurances his career would take off. It was a private ceremony and even Randolph's parents refuse to attend. Seven months later, Winston is born.

Randolph Is Tossed Out Of England

In 1876 Randolph brother is in trouble, Randolph is afraid for his future, so he attempts to blackmail the Princess of Wales. The Prince finds out and challenges Randolph to a duel, he refuses, and the princess goes to Queen Victoria, who threw Churchill out of England. He is assigned an obscure post in Ireland.

Jenny is livid, and spends the next eight years trying to get Randolph back to English society. She slept with the Prince of Wales, Count Kinsky, King Edward VII , and King Milan, to name a few..

Rudolph Gains Political Stature

In July 1886 "Randy", age 37, became simultaneously chancellor of the exchequer and leader of the House of Commons, and even discussed as the next Conservative prime minister. Jennie was a social butterfly, who had affair after affair, many say she had 200 lovers..

Jenny Has a Second Son

In 1880 she has child named Jack, who was fathered by Col. John Strange Jocelyn.

Randolph Dies In 1895 And She Concentrates On Winston. She now concentrates on her social life and promoting Winston. She sought consul from Disraeli and Baruch. Winston was a clown, a heavy drinker who dabbled in bisexuality.

The Reason Winston Succeeded

Jenny Churchill met King Edward VII when she was 19, at the Cowes regatta. She slept with him from 1873 to 1892. The rumor was he was Churchill's father.

In 1900 She Remarries

She married George Cornwallis in 1900, and to Montague Phippen Porch in 1918.

Jenny Died In 1921

Jennie died in 1921 at the age of 67 after surgery to remove a gangrenous leg, and is buried in the Churchill plot. Winston stopped a book being published about the mother's heritage.

How History Gets Rewritten

Jenny is portrayed as Lady Churchill, the beautiful and sophisticated mother of Winston Churchill, the bulldog that faced down Hitler. The truth is she was just a no morals scheming social climber, whose mother married her off to dilettante with a title. International Jewry saw something in Winston and put him under Bernard Baruch's wing. Churchill and Roosevelt crushed Germany, the only floodgate to Communism.

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