Monday, September 27, 2010

Just a word before my daily Routine

My mother tongue is Spanish, though in reality it had been Romanian, till I started going to school. I am going to make a lot of grammar mistakes which, I intend to be polishing up, for which I apologize in advance but in any case this is a blog which I intend to write as if I were speaking to my analyst. Pity I am a Jewess, Christians do it all the time and for free to their ministers/priests, we don't have them so either we pay a lot to our psychologists or we blog or we have a dearest friend/some willing ears and/or you. Not even my close family knows yet about this blog cause either I just don't want to include living people I could offend and most importantly cause I had made so many bad choices in my life, left so many unwalked paths, things undone that this time I want the baby to grow a little bit first till its first solid steps. On the other, a blog may not be an intellectual exercise but at least in my choice /taste an inner dialogue......

Second issue, I had always had many issues with money, I intend to correct. And since the way to the Israeli market at 61, no Hebrew, not very much to show off for, and a little disability, I intend, if I may, make it sort of my extra income if not almost my sole. If someone will be interested we could make it a book or straight to Hollywood or to the Internet space/hole/eternity

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