Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 226, April 27th, 2011

Sanda Abramovici--Lam suggested I contact you.

As you know, for over twenty years, Israel's opposition has devoted major resources to tarring Israel as "murderers", creators of a "massacre" and "apartheid". Their campaign has been very effective. Israel's support is eroding.

Untold News was founded to pro-actively communicate the many true, good stories about Israel. Our prime target is the non-committed: Jews and non-Jews.

Using advertising professionals, we have created short videos and are distributing them to traditional and new media.

Please visit our website,, to see my Bio and the videos as follows:

1. I was near to the death (Arab getting liver transplant from a Jew)

2. Thanks for Saving a Life (Arab baby with hole in his heart)

3. Doctors Treat Terrorists

4. Help My Baby! (Israeli Crisis Team in Haiti)

5. Haiti Rescue Team

6. Save a Thirsty World (Drip Irrigation)

This is not an easy job, and we would greatly appreciate your forwarding the links to your friends and connections, and asking them to do the same. The more who know about how Israel improves their lives, the better for Israel.

We would appreciate your comments.


Marcella Rosen

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