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Exclusive: Jim Fletcher praises effort to break mainstream mold on Middle East

Published: 01/23/2012 at 9:27 AM

by JIM FLETCHER Monday, January 30, 2012

Updated at 1:41 PM ET

… my recent conversation with Marcella Rosen of Untold News revealed her organization has found innovative ways to present a more positive view of Israel.

As we all know, the news from the Middle East can be pretty depressing. Worse, there is a tilt toward blaming Israel for the Arab-Israeli conflict, and this state of affairs has existed since at least the Oslo Accords, now almost 20 years ago.

Rosen and her team, however, are bringing to light little-known facts… “For example, it is not generally known that Israel has instantly sent Crisis Teams to a number of nations in trouble, or that they have more inventions and start-ups than all of Europe combined.”

Untold News brings to light such little-reported stories as that of an eight-month-old Palestinian with a hole in her heart. Her father, from Gaza, was able to secure medical treatment for her that saved his daughter’s life. Dr. Zion Houri, of the Wolfson Medical Center (in the suburbs of Tel Aviv), explains in a video just why Israeli doctors and medical teams treat all people, regardless of background or ideology. It’s quite inspiring.

I caught up with Marcella recently and was fascinated to hear about this amazing organization. They are using the web – primarily videos – to reach a much wider audience with their message. Additionally, Marcella Rosen has written a new book, “Tiny Dynamo,” which will release later this year. In the book, she expands on the marvelous stories from Israel that the likes of Chris Matthews, the Huffington Post and the International Solidarity Movement will never report.

“I was deeply concerned, as a communications specialist, about the fact that there was a very effective and successful propaganda campaign against Israel for at least the last 10 years,” she said recently. “I felt it was essential to tell the parts of the story that nobody knows. Those parts are that Israel has an incredible energy of invention, with many results that benefit our lives in the United States and around the world, for example.

“People know about the battles and the military, and the things that the opposition says, such as the battle in Jenin a few years ago, which was all over all the media [the Palestinians claimed that the IDF massacred 3,000 Palestinians],” she continued. “At the end, the U.N. – not Israel’s friend – investigated and said that 58 people died, mostly combatants.”

It was this kind of media coverage that drove Marcella and her associates to create Untold News.

The Untold News team gathers news and facts a variety of ways.

“I do research from a number of sources,” Marcella relates. “We talk to universities and other sources for this kind of information.

“We had a cameraman go to Israel and make appointments to meet people, brought the footage back and worked with a top creative director, and they created the videos,” she continued. “I knew they had to be short, so they’re all around two minutes.”

Marcella gathered another team around her to craft the book: “I had a brainstorming session with a team of creative people and PR people and television producers. One of the ideas that came out of that was the idea for a book.”

She then gathered the material, and soon, “Tiny Dynamo” will hit the market to provide a much different view of Israel than most people have had access to in the West.

Kudos to Marcella Rosen and her team for providing this terrific website and documentation that will give all of us more accurate information about an area that is perhaps the world’s main focus of attention.

Check out and consider supporting their work, at least by spreading the message far and wide.

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