Monday, April 16, 2012


Dear friends,

You may have heard that a few hundred activists from Western countries planned to fly to Israel Sunday morning for pro-"Palestinian" anti-Israeli demonstrations.

The Israeli authorities compiled a list of some 1500 activists and handed it to airlines with a warning that if allowed to board, the activists would be put back on the flights on which they arrived and sent back at the airlines' expense.

The airlines, such as Lufthansa, Air France and others heeded the warning and cancelled the reservations of most of these activists, some 400 to 600 demonstrators.

This morning, only some 40 managed to sneak-in and board their flights. Those were detained at Ben-Gurion airport and sent back with a letter from the Israeli government. The text of the poignant letter is pasted below.

The Israeli government must be commended. It is not usual for it to avoid trouble with such style and humor.

For those Israeli left-liberal loons who criticized the Israeli government for its position ("why not allow them to come in and demonstrate?"), here is my response:

Please show me other Western countries, particularly the USA, who would allow entry to people whose sole expressed goal in to demonstrate against those governments. Furthermore, those cowardly demonstrators would not dare fly into countries whose regimes deserve to be demonstrated against. They are "big heroes" against Israel, the only liberal country in the Middle East, where all its citizens, including Arab-Palestinians, enjoy full human rights, freedoms and security.

The government of Israel acted properly and efficiently. Israel has her home grown idiots. She does not need imports of idiots from abroad.

Below, is the great letter from the Israeli government.

Your Truth Provider,


The Israeli government has issued an official “welcome” letter to the pro-‘Palestinian’ “flytilla” activists who plan on arriving in the country on Saturday and Sunday. It reads as follows:

“Dear Activists,

"We appreciate your choosing to make Israel the object of your humanitarian concerns.

“We know there were many other worthy choices.

“You could have chosen to protest the Syrian regime’s daily savagery against its own people, which has claimed thousands of lives.

"You could have chosen to protest the Iranian regime’s brutal crackdown on dissent and its support of terrorism throughout the world.

"You could have chosen to protest Hamas rule in Gaza, where terror organizations commit a double war crime by firing rockets at civilians and hiding behind civilians.

“But instead, you chose to protest against Israel, the Middle East’s sole democracy, where women are equal, the press criticizes the government, human rights organizations can operate freely, religious freedom is protected for all - and minorities do not live in fear.”

“Therefore, we suggest you solve the real problems of the region first, and then come back and share your experiences with us.

Have a nice flight,” the letter concludes.

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