Monday, June 4, 2012

Impressions from a former US citizen on Holder and Obama dirty tactics

From: Shmuel HaLevi rfi []

Sent: Sunday, June 03, 2012

It looks like showdown time nears. Because it seems to me that the conditions in the US are as those I saw many years back elsewhere.

I would like to tell you some historic facts about Peron's era in Argentina.

Initially there were no questions that Juan Peron and Eva Duarte would win the election they started their career with. They needed at that point no electoral fraud.

They cunningly used similar fluff as that used by the Soetoro's team in 2008 and just as remarkably, many of the type of Jews you know so well now in the US, also served Peron's raise to power as well. In fact my Aunt's by marriage was Minister of Finance for Peron... One can say I was very much aware of the characters involved.

Basically, they knowingly part took on the process to form the infamous Juntas. And you do not need to guess who did the Juntas go after very fast...

Peron used precisely the same "voter registration" tactics used by Soetoro and Holder et all. "Descamisados" from nearby countries, (illegals), voted profusely. Long dead folk enjoyed the privilege as well. In retrospect... Mr. Lyndon Johnson trucked many voters from down South into Texas also to "heph" his folk along.

I know the US just as well as I did Argentina. In fact probably far better than most born Americans. As a Citizen starting in Chicago and later near Cleveland and up the line by being invited to participate as a Senior-Fellow Engineer, in the US Department of Defense Military Avionics Programs. We traveled to most locations in the US and Canada working for Uncle Sam.

President Mr. Bush Senior probably remembers me and my Programs Secretary whose name was Barbara Bush, by coincidence. He visited with his WH Staff our facility during the Gulf War and was very alert reading our ID badges and finding that the name sake to the First Lady was there and seeing a kippa totting Jew, me, running key programs. During lunch I had the privilege of talking with them for a few minutes at the request of the Division VP.

You have one hell of a problem to solve my friends and it looks like the Peron parameters apply. The Islamic angle makes that tilt sinister. Added to that you will have to deal also with computer age technologies helping along to fabricate documents and listings.

And I suspect that worse may be in the cards as just as well...

SHmuel HaLevi

Eretz Israel

PS: Impeachment is probably not in the cards right now as the Republicans do not seem eager to... dig.

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