Sunday, June 24, 2012

Next Steps -Petition the Co-Op:

Co-Op Boycott of Israeli Companies - Update and call to action


In April, the Co-Op chose to escalate its existing boycotting policies regarding Israeli goods. It is now boycotting four named Israeli companies which trade with the settlements. This means all Israeli produce of these companies is to be boycotted, no matter where it is sourced. The decision marks a dangerous extension of a highly offensive policy. It forms part of a slippery slope towards an ever-wider boycott of Israeli goods. As we have

seen, boycotting Israeli goods also contributes to an ugly climate where Israeli cultural events are disrupted and Israelis boycotted as individuals.


A representative of the Co-Op has said they have been inundated by emails objecting to the policy. There is no doubt the amount of opposition has taken the Co-Op by surprise. It is vitally important that people make their voices heard.

It is up to us to ensure that this campaign becomes even more effective.

It is vital that the petition to the Co-Op on this issue is signed by thousands of people.

You can sign it on-line at

Please publicise the petition in your community/ organisation - for example, by circulating it by email or hard copy.

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