Friday, July 27, 2012

Shurat Ha Din warns UK British Com. To Stop.

Dear Michael, The White House, the UN and the Europeans continue to pressure Israel to solve the crisis with Iran diplomatically. Again and again we are being ordered to give the economic sanctions being levied against Tehran a chance to work. But as the months speed by, Iran's scientist keep advancing its nuclear weapons program and the terror attacks perpetrated by the Revolutionary Guard like last week's suicide bombing in Bulgaria continue unabated, the sanctions seem to be producing little tangent results.

The problem is obvious - the myriad of sanction waivers, cutouts and loopholes allows the Islamic Republic to continue to ship its oil worldwide and reap their lucrative revenues and sustain its economy. Russia, China and India also lend Iran a massive hand in obstructing the full blunt of the sanctions by continuing to buy oil. Add to this all the numerous "legitimate" businesses and companies that profit handsomely from dealing with Iran and its no wonder the sanctions are easily being evaded while having no effect.

On June 12th the US Treasury announced additional regulations targeting Iran and its oil industry. The new regulations designated more individuals, companies and vessels that American and non-American citizens are prohibited from engaging with.

Once again, however, these new regulations will have no effect if there is no effort to prosecute those violating them or assisting Iran in evading them.

The maritime satellite giant Inmarsat, a British company with offices in Washington, DC and Miami provides its services to vessels all over the world. They have a virtual lock on the maritime communication and GPS industry. They were the ones providing satellite services to the large Turkish boat, the Mavi Marmara, that was used by the Muslim extremist in the Gaza Flotilla to try and breach Israel's coastal blockade in 2010 and 2011. Inmarsat also provides satellite services to dozens of Iranian ships. Under the Treasury's July 12th regulations numerous additional Iranian ships were added to the list of designated vessels. Despite this, Inmarsat continues to provide its services to many of them! Yet, the US Department of Justice and the British government seem to be turning a blind eye to this blatant violation of US and international law. Inmarsat, for its part, seems to think the Treasury regulations don't apply to it. This publicly traded company believes its above the law.

This week we sent a warning letter to Inmarsat demanding that they discontinue servicing the Iranian oil industry. Our letter laid out the criminal and civil repercussions of their violations of the law. We informed them they were aiding and abetting Iran's nuclear weapons program and its sponsorship of terrorist groups like Hezbollah, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. When governments and law enforcement refuses to act then its time for the private sector to get involved.

We understand that while outlaw regimes like the one in Tehran will do everything it can to evade the sanctions it still must rely upon legitimate companies like Inmarsat for crucial services. By targeting these accomplice companies we can do what government can't or refuses to do -- cripple the Iranian oil ships as they will be forced to sail blind.

Its time for Inmarsat to disconnect the Iranian oil tankers from its satellite system and pull the plug on Iran's evasion of the sanctions. If the government won't act against Inmarsat - we will!

The Shurat HaDin letter received a lot of media attention, including The Jerusalem Post .

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Nitsana Darshan-Leitner

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