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Subject: Why won't the BBC come clean over its bias against Israel - a moral country that deserves our support?

Mail Online, August 26, 2012

Why won't the BBC come clean over its bias against Israel - a moral country that deserves our support?

By Alex Singleton

PUBLISHED: 26 August 2012

It's time for the BBC to give up. We already know that it's biased towards the Left. But the corporation looks ridiculous in its endless attempts to stop the publication of an inquiry into its coverage of Israel.

I mean, just how bad can it be?

Well, evidently it's embarrassing enough to squander hundreds of thousands of pounds to keep it locked in a safe. In fact, a Freedom of Information request by The Commentator has revealed that the BBC has squandered £332,780.47 suppressing it.

Andrew Marr is one of the BBC big names who has admitted the organisation is biased

This is silly, given that the BBC has been so good at admitting its general Left-wing bias in recent years. Andrew Marr, its star talent, has said that: "The BBC is not impartial or neutral. It's a publicly funded, urban organisation with an abnormally large number of young people, ethnic minorities and gay people." He was not sacked. And Mark Thompson, the outgoing director general, has admitted that, in the past, there was "a massive bias to the Left".

So since the BBC seems prepared to admit general bias, but won't let us read this particular report, it's hardly surprising that critics think this report must be a real stinker. As The Commentator's Raheem Kassam says: "If there is nothing to be afraid of, the BBC should stop wasting taxpayers' money immediately and hand over the report." In the BBC's defence, however, I do think that its staff genuinely believe that they are being fair in their coverage. After all, almost the entire Left-wing establishment in this country has an warped and profoundly wrong view of the Middle East.

You probably won't hear this on the BBC, but there is a truth about Israel that the Left has been blinded to. It is that Israel is a virtuous country. It protects the rights of individuals and allows the market economy to flourish. As such, Israel should be celebrated and morally supported by the British - especially as, on human rights grounds, it supports the causes that the Left-liberals claim to champion. After all, gay Palestinians flee to the protection of Israeli governance, where their lives are protected.

Sadly the debate has been skewed by nutty Leftwing websites who ignore the truth about the Israel and print endless false accusations against the country. They despise its embrace of capitalism, rather than the more feudal economic systems in the region. And they ignore the fact that Israel is under constant threat from those who want to destroy it.

When the BBC is bombarded by the constant email campaigns of these people who pervert reality, I suspect they really do believe that their coverage is even-handed.

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