Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dealing with the latest outrage, 10/29/2012



Following the latest outrage committed today against the Palestinians, we have formed a committee to express our feelings of horror and indignation in the wake of the story that emerged today concerning a Palestinian man who was killed by a cow that he was allegedly attempting to slaughter.

We wish to express our view in the strongest possible terms that, just because the cow may possibly have panicked while on the point of being slaughtered, as the cows have claimed, that is no justification for the violent display in which this cow engaged, a display of violent behaviour that was quite out of proportion to any alleged act of attempted slaughter of the cow on the part of the man who was so cruelly killed.

We wish to express in the strongest possible terms our feelings of shock and revulsion at the cow’s behaviour and our feeling that this behaviour can serve only to exacerbate and intensify the cycle of violence between the parties.

Although the members of our committee do not necessarily advocate acts of mass murder against all cows following the horrific act committed by that cow today, we have to express our understanding that the perfectly natural desire for revenge that should drive the Palestinians to take defensive resistance measures against all cows are not without their justification.

We fully expect to see defensive resistance measures implemented in the coming days that should target barns, cow sheds, pastures and dairies in various parts of the Middle East and we intend to look upon any such acts with understanding and with compassion for the perpetrators.

A statement to this effect has been issued by our committee that comprises, among others, the editor of the Guardian, the managements of AP, Reuters and the BBC, the foreign minister of Norway, Bishop Tutu, and the central committee of the Presbyterian Church in the USA.

Representing the committee in this statement,


Jimmy Carter

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