Saturday, November 10, 2012


by Alexander Gofen

America has soiled its pants. She soiled the pants the second time in a row by reelecting … a thief, and identity thief. In a slavish elation of loyalty, America reelected the thief whose all docs are counterfeit, and whose name has never been certified: Obama? Soetoro? Soberkach? America reelected the thief whose political luggage included tens of violations of the Constitution and the laws, some amounting to treason (the Benghazi case just the latest). America reelected the thief having no organized opposition at all. In a belch of servility, America rushed to pronounce the victory of the usurper – in spite of that almost all votes of the Army and navy lost or procrastinated beyond the deadline. (By supporting the usurper, these very Army and Navy betrayed their oath to uphold the Constitution in 2008 and 2012 both).

This is an unprecedented disgrace for the former "beacon of the civilization", "the bright city on the hill". To fall so low, to display such a disregard to the obvious truth, to placate the plebeians so willingly – this is unheard of among the civilized nations. It is an infamy.

However, also the rest of the world bears a part of responsibility for this infamy. Since 2008, any nation of the world could (if they wished) inquire about ineligibility of this impostor via the diplomatic channels. By doing so, they would force the Supreme Court of the US to hear this case on its merits, exposing this impostor and fraud momentarily – as Dr. Orly Taitz stressed since the very beginning of the mess. But… not one nation wished.

It goes without saying that the islamic dictatorships did not wish it. And the European (covert) enemies of America did not wish to do so either. To weaken America, to make her look more like themselves thanks to the friendly impostor in the White House was their fondest dream. The entire world "voted" for Obama/Soetoro offering him both financial and moral support – up to the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize given in advance.

We all bear the responsibility...

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