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Terrorist Earns Hebrew U. Doctorate, Refuses to Shake Hands

1. Hebrew University grants PhD degree to convicted terrorist A'del Hidmi:

Terrorist Earns Hebrew U. Doctorate, Refuses to Shake Hands

Two-time terrorist who planned a suicide bombing is given his degree. He refuses to shake the university president’s hand.

Maayana Miskin

A terrorist who served two prison terms for involvement in terrorism, including a plot to carry out a suicide bombing, has been awarded his doctorate in chemistry from Hebrew University, Maariv reports.

The terrorist is an Israeli citizen and a resident of eastern Jerusalem.

During the graduation ceremony in Hebrew University’s Har Hatzofim campus he refused to shake hands with Hebrew University President Professor Menachem Ben-Sasson. His name was read aloud at the ceremony and he was applauded by the crowd.

He began working on his doctorate prior to his second terror conviction, several years after serving time in prison for membership in a terrorist organization. He did his research in the Hebrew University laboratories.

At the same time, he was in close touch with local terrorist groups and assisted them in plotting a suicide bombing attack in Jerusalem. He assisted in finding a young Arab man to carry out the planned attack.

The bombing was planned in August 2002, shortly after a terrorist bombed a Hebrew University cafeteria, murdering nine students and staff members.

The attack was thwarted three days before it was to have taken place. Security forces arrested the would-be suicide bomber in Ramallah, and detained the “doctor” in his home in Jerusalem.

He was sentenced to three years in prison for the crime. In the wake of his arrest Hebrew University decided to bar him from its laboratories for safety reasons.

A statement from Hebrew University read, “Hebrew University does not prevent people with a criminal background from learning within its gates. His work was found worthy from an academic perspective, and he met all the criteria to receive a doctorate. However, it should be noted that he did not get permission to use the university’s laboratories following his conviction.”

A fuller report in Hebrew appears here:

Now I know exactly what you are thinking and that is: Why is the Hebrew University ONLY giving Hidmi a PhD? (By the way, it is a real PhD and not an honorary one, like they give politicians.) There must be lots of other deserving candidates who should also be granted a PhD. Even posthumously!

I would surely start with Osama bin Laden and his urban renewal research about New York City. Then Pol Pot should be awarded a Hebrew University PhD from the Hebrew University's prestigious departments of Asian studies for his important work on Cambodian demography. I am sure Noam Chomsky would agree to fly in to grant the diploma to him. Then there should be special degrees awarded to Timothy McVeigh, Anders Breivik, and Adam Lanza (the guy who shot up Newton, CT). Slobodan Milošević should get one for his valuable work on European integration. The heads of Sudan should get one for their regional planning achievements in Darfur. And of course there are so many Germans deserving of receiving Hebrew University PhD's for their efforts against Jewish occupation that it is hard to know where to begin with them!

Why not drop a note to the heads of the Hebrew University and let them know how their behavior will be affecting your inclination to send them donations in the future!:

Hebrew University:

President of the Hebrew University

Prof. Menachem Ben-Sasson


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905

Tel. 02-6584143, 02-5881905

Fax. 02-5811023

Rector of the Hebrew University

Prof. Sarah Stroumsa


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905

Telephone: 02-6719698, 02-5883676


Hebrew University "Friends of" Offices:

By the way, Haaretz does not report the story of the terrorist getting the PhD at all. Can you guess why?

2. For years Haaretz has refused to use the "T" word (terrorist) to describe Palestinians who murder Jews. Instead they are activists. It also refuses to accuse Arabs or leftists of being racists or chauvinists.

But these days the "T" word appears in every other sentence in Haaretz, only to be replaced by "chauvinist" in those other sentences. That is because of Haaretz' yellow journalistic "reporting" about the "Price Tag" hooligans.

As you know, I think the Price Tag or Tag Mechir vandals should be taken out back behind the woodshed and introduced to a good hickory switch. Yesterday they targeted the largely Christian Arab village of Abu Ghosh, best known for its hummus, outside Jerusalem. (All assuming the perps were really Tag Mechir.) They wrote anti-Arab graffiti all over and vandalized some cars. It turned out that two of them actually belonged to Jews who rent housing in the village.

Haaretz however runs a lurid screaming headline ( about the "Nationalist/Chauvinist Crimes" of Tag Mechir.

That is all very nice. But let us note that Haaretz has never denounced Arabs blowing up buses of Jews or pizza restaurants as "Nationalist/Chauvinist Crimes." If you only read Haaretz and never leave your home you probably think that Arabs never write anti-Jewish graffiti anywhere or vandalize Jewish property. How about the annual environmental terrorism of Arabs when they deliberately start forest fires? How come THEY are never "Nationalist/Chauvinist Crimes?" How come Arabs chanting "Death to the Jews" is never a "Nationalist/Chauvinist Crime," even when it is Arab students at Israeli universities? How come Haaretz denouncing Israel as an apartheid regime or engaging in other similar forms of treason is never considered a "Nationalist/Chauvinist Crime?"

3. The related story that has Haaretz and the rest of the radical Left all a-foaming is the that about someone who made up a poster of Minister of Finance Yair Lapid bedecked in Nazi uniform with a Hitler-Günter-Grass moustache. You can see it here:

For the Left this is a golden opportunity to dig out of the attic its old urban legend about how Yitzhak Rabin was supposedly assassinated by a poster showing HIM with the caption "Traitor" and dressed like a Nazi. That poster was evidently manufactured by some teenagers but distributed by police mole Avishai Raviv as part of his undercover work. Ever since, the Left has insisted in unison that Rabin was the first and only human in history to be murdered by a poster. The Left then invented the term "incitement" to describe all exercises of freedom of speech by the Non-Left.

Now there is an interesting twist to the new Yair Lapid poster, aside from the usual calls to arrest the perps who prepared it. (Note how no one ever calls for the arrest of leftists or Arabs who prepare tasteless posters!) In Hebrew the caption on the poster reads: Yair Lapid the Tyrant Oppressor of Israel's Economy.

That is correct - whoever made the poster was upset about Lapid's Slash-and-Tax new set of economic measures. And guess who is the most vocal in denouncing Lapid for his measures!!? The radical Left, that is who!

Now I have no special inside information about who actually prepared the incitement poster in question but I now have an outstanding bet with a colleague for a month's salary that when they are apprehended it will turn out that they are LEFTISTS!

4. Have you ever noticed how much Alice Walker looks like a maid?

5. Peace is breaking out again…

Palestinian murderers are demanding to be released - so the Palestinians will agree to come to the peace process. Do we know WHICH murderers are about to be released? Examples:

* March 1983. Joshua (Jason) Friedberg who has made aliya from Montreal, encounters Yousef Shamashaneh Ju’ad and others. These were experienced terrorists, having in the past killed Lior Tubol and Ronen Karmani from Jerusalem and thrown the two 17-year olds' bodies into a wadi where their bodies were found after days of searches. After offering him a ride, Ju'ad killed Joshua too and dumped him on the side of the road. Joshua's father and mother were recently shocked to learn, while visiting his grave, that their son’s murderers may be released.

* Abu-Harabish Salam-Saliman Mahmoud and Adam Ibrahim Juma’a threw firebombs at an Egged bus and caused the death of 28 year old Rachel Weiss and her three toddlers. A soldier - David Delarosa- tried to save the helpless babies. He was outside but re-entered the burning bus to save them. He was unsuccessful and due to internal burns to his lungs, he died soon afterwad. Geula Delarosa, David's courageous mother, urges us to prevent these murderers from being released. Let's not ignore her request!! Much of her family home is dedicated to the memory of the lost son: pictures, certificates, insignia, memorabilia.

* December 1992. The body of Border Policeman Nissim Toledano from Lod is found bound and stabbed. Most of his killers, today in their forties, were freed in the Schalit Deal. But one, Issa Moussa Issa Mahmoud, remained in prison because in addition to the Toledano murder he ran over a soldier, fired at and seriously injured a police officer, and assembled a terrorist cell to abduct soldiers. His time has now come - he too is about to be released.

* Professor Menachem Stern, a historian born in Poland who earned his PhD at Oxford, made aliya and was appointed director of the Shazar Center and member of the Israel Academy of Sciences. While walking through a forested area next to the Israel Museum, Professor Stern was ambushed. One terrorist held him down. Another stabbed him repeatedly until the 64-year-old bled to death. His body was found by schoolchildren. His murderer, Salah Halil Ahmed Ibrahim, is about to be released.

* Three Israeli Arabs used pitchforks to murder three IDF soldiers as they slept.

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