Monday, December 2, 2013


None of these stories are reported by the subversive Left Wing media. Even Fox News suppresses stories about the horror of Islam. When Moslems reach a certain percentage of the population of a country, all is lost! OSLO POLICE SAY THAT THEY’VE LOST CONTROL OVER THE CITY…… Posted on 30/11/2013 by KGS This mirrors exactly what has been happening throughout Europe, as Muslim enclaves become no-go zones for non-Muslims, including the police, fire dept and medical first responders. European ‘No-Go’ Zones for Non-Muslims Proliferating “Occupation Without Tanks or Soldiers” Oslo police: “We have lost the city” A devastating CBN report shows that Oslo is already firmly in control of Muslim invaders. In many parts of the city the Sharia already applies as the only law. That’s where the local Imams reign. Recent police statistics reveal that 100% of all rapes in Oslo are committed by non-Western immigrants and 90% of the victims are Norwegian women, victims that are even declared to offenders – more precisely “racists”- by left-wing establishment. You do not see many straw-blond women in Oslo these days. Many Norwegians dye their hair dark to not be immediately recognised as a blonde woman. A weak protection against the Muslim rapist gangs, but at least it gives them a little security -somehow-, since police can hardly protect them. In contrary, the victim of a rape had been told by the police that everyone has the right to security. Unfortunately police can no longer guarantee. “We have lost the city,” they said. Tetouani Fatima, who is an immigrant herself, says that parts of Oslo were already more Islamic than Morocco. The therapist Kristin Spitznogle was sharply criticized because she uttered what can clearly be seen and proven by statistics: Muslim men are raping non-Muslim women. Any woman, not dressed compliant to the Quran and not circumcised, is a whore to Muslims and may be raped. Walid al-Kubaisi, a Norwegian journalist, is a native Iraqi and Muslim. He sees the problem and is sure that there will be a violent clash of cultures. “No-one spells out that we have a huge problem and bleak future prospects,” he says. Only a few months ago, terrorist group Ansar al-Sunna has threatened with terrorist attacks in an open letter and explains: “We do not want to be part of the Norwegian society. We do not want to live with filthy creatures like you.” They call for an Islamic state where the Sharia is law, although less than 10% of the Norwegian population are Muslims. How will things be when they reach 20 percent or more? H/T Politically Incorrect (translation: Carpe Diem)

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