Monday, January 13, 2014

The critics of Israel have had a bad quarter …

BDS Scorecard 3rd Q 2013 1) Tunisia Banished from Davis Cup for Boycotting Israel – Tennis deals a blow to the BDS Boycott 2) A Massive Legal Win In France Against BDS over Jerusalem Rail Link 3) Lockheed Martin is opening a subsidiary in Israel 4) Shurat HaDin Files Racism Lawsuit against Sydney Uni BDS Supporter 5) Beijing Businesses Looking For Products Labelled ‘Made In Israel’ 6) Israel overtakes France as the world’s 4th largest exporter of arms in the world 7) Technion scores $130m. grant for joint venture in China 8) Kuwait buys arms from Israel defends position on Al Jazeera 9) Israel’s 2 Q growth exceeds expectation 10) Facebook is opening first office in Israel after acquiring app maker Onavo 11) Germans advise BDS will not bring peace – article in Algemeiner 4th Nov 13 ... 12) The Irish Independent reports that entrepreneurs from “five up and coming Irish high-tech firms” are visiting Israel to learn how businesses pulled off so many achievements. 13) Nigerian president to lead 30,000 pilgrims to Israel, according to All Africa: 14) The richest man in Asia is giving $130 million to the Technion to build a research centre in China. 15) Israel is closing consulates in Europe and replacing them in China, where trade is increasing 16) Apple Pays 345 Million For Israeli Chip Manufacturer 17) BDS Main Websites Built Using Israeli Software Wix – journalists accuse them of hypocrisy 18) Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Top Index Hits All-Time High - Nov 21 19) Jerusalem and EU agree on formula that allows Israel to join Horizon 2020 project – Israel the only non-EU country invited – and despite Israel refusing to agree to paragraph denouncing ownership of west bank – EU buckles before deadline as they need Israeli technology 20) The British coastal resort’s University of Aberystwyth lost $150,000 in tourism income by banning orthodox Jews from lighting candles on Shabbat, a decision that forced them to cancel their annual summer visit to the campus on the Welsh coast, 21) A French court imposed a $1,300 fine on members of an anti-Israel group who called on supermarket shoppers to boycott Israeli products. 22) German Football Club FSV Frankfurt Ends Saudi Airline Contract Because Of Israel Boycott 23) What Boycott – Major Musicians Rock Israel Stars - Ignore Calls For Boycott 24) Israeli Companies Added $6.2 Billion to Massachusetts Economy 25) Israel, Jordan, Palestinians to finally build Red-Dead pipeline Project aims to provide the region with millions of cubic meters of drinking water, while replenishing the ailing salt lake 26) Abbas Does Not Support Boycott – Slap In The Face For BDS 27) Universities Quit Us Academic Body Over Israel Boycott -boycott-of-israel/ 28) High Profile Arab BDS Advocate Sought Israeli Medical Treatment yet another hypocrite who directed the world to sever ties with Israel until he needed what Israel had to offer. 29) More Fallout From ASA Boycott There also has been widespread commentary in the media against the academic boycott, including from people who are harsh critics of Israeli policies but who view academic boycotts as both unwise and counterproductive. 30) TECHNION WIN - Israeli Course Attracts 16,000 Egyptian, Syrian students who have signed up for Technion first online course - in Nanoscience - taught in Arabic as well as in English. 31) Australian Govt issues policy that pro BDS Unis will have their funds cut – BDS advocate Prof Lynch applies for research grant – which is not approved 32) The Australian Newspaper publishes headlines accusing BDS supporter Prof Lynch of ‘apartheid’ comparing “ No Jews or blacks allowed’ and cartoon depicts BDS supporters as ‘mobsters’ and ‘bigots’ Well well …… looks like the worm is turning against BDS …. And look forward to a wonderful year …. Recommended reading … “Time is on Israel’s side” Arab world in a mess, Obama’s marriage is also evidently also in a mess – eye off the ball – doing to Israel what he should have been doing to Michelle … FREE Animations for your email Click Here!

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  1. Well, the Jews all over the world boycotted Germany between the two WW. Looks like now the world is boycotting Israel. Karma?!