Monday, March 10, 2014

Comparison of Amnesty coverage of Syria and Israel

Amnesty just released a report about the Palestinian Arabs who have died since last July in the Yarmouk camp in Syria. A comparison between that report and its most recent report slamming Israel shows in stark terms how biased Amnesty is against Israel. For Yarmouk, as with Amnesty reports from Egypt and other Arab countries, victims are just statistics. An appendix lists their names here but the report itself gives no detail as to the heartbreaking circumstances of their deaths. Only when Israel is being blamed are the victims humanized- sometimes three pages dedicated to the circumstances of the death of a single person, plus photos and interviews with their distraught family members. Here, in black and white, one can see how hard Amnesty works to demonize Israel while letting real crimes against Palestinian Arabs go relatively lightly. Amnesty reports Israel/WB Syria/Yarmouk Title of report Trigger-happy Squeezing the life out of Yarmouk Number of pages in the report 87 39 Number of civilians killed according to Amnesty 22 194 Time period covered 12 months 8 months Circumstances of their deaths Mostly while participating in or near violent acts Starvation, sniper fire, bombings Number of extensive personal stories given for victims At least 18, some three pages long Zero Number of photos of victims (dead and injured) At least 14 Zero Number of times it uses the word “impunity” 14 1 Number of times it uses the phrase “International law” 24 9 Video produced to support report? Yes, 4 minutes No Placement on Amnesty webpage Linked from front page, 2 weeks after report issued On front page the day it was released -- Elder of Ziyon

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