Sunday, March 2, 2014

JERUSALEM — Recently, at the Jerusalem Press Club, I hosted Marcella Rosen, the author of "Tiny Dynamo: How One of the Smallest Countries Is Producing Some of Our Most Important Inventions."

Greetings! Wanted to share this recent Miami Herald article by Uri Dromi (excerpt pasted below), which mentions Tiny Dynamo and our press conference in Jerusalem. Best, Marcella Amazon advertises this book as a "fascinating collection of 21 stories detailing Israel's inventions that benefit all of mankind. From desalting the ocean to the tiny PillCam that videos your insides, the Flash Drive to spinal surgery robots, watering the desert with drip irrigation, blasting breast tumors and curing major diseases: Israel is a hotbed of start-ups and idea incubation wildly disproportionate to its tiny size." Rosen brought to the book launch four of the inventors whose stories she had told in the book, and as I listened to these fellow Israelis, I couldn't be prouder. ...

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