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Muslim Brotherhood advising the Obama administration - can we impeach him yet? / Please read it all

A note from Mario Goveia on a MUST READ article below regarding Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood senior member of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council - Mohamed Elibiary & more: I guess there are still some people who believe that the buck doesn't stop in the current Oval Office, and that the Bush warranty is still available for use. Unfortunately, the buck does stop with Obama, Bush's warranty ran out years ago, and I would impeach Obama just for his dereliction of duty on Benghazi, when he was told that the attack was by a terrorist organization while it was in progress, his administration refused to send re-enforcements before and during the attack, then they sent Susan Rice to lie to the world about what happened, before Obama left for a fundraiser while the attack was still unfolding. Then he lied about it again during the presidential debates. No wonder his approval on foreign affairs is down to the 37% kook fringe while his overall approval is down to 41%. My question is why is it so high? Oh, I get it. 50% of Americans are clueless and the media is running interference on everything he does.. Then we also have the Black Panther voter intimidation fiasco, the Fast & Furious gun running, the IRS scandals, the VA scandals, the FIVE Taliban honcho release scandal, the unfolding border security break-down scandal, and the unfolding Obamacare scandal where the costs are going through the roof while physicians are retiring early in droves. I won't even go in to the US economy where massive structural damage is being done through the use of a veritable tsunami of regulations that are stifling the creativity and initiative and optimism of the small and medium sized businesses where over 80% of our job creation has traditionally come from while crony capitalism is rampant among favored environmental businesses and large corporations controlled by Democrat donors. For those who don't know, this is precisely how socialist-style liberal statism works, folks. Now we are finding out that the Muslim Brotherhood, the umbrella organization for all the Islamist terrorist organizations in the middle-east, is active at the highest levels in the Obama administration, with a Brotherhood member advising the Obama Department of Homeland Security. You can't make this stuff up, folks - it's like an ongoing nightmare. The Brotherhood and its affiliates are dedicated to wiping Israel off the map, killing Jews and forming a radical Caliphate in the middle-east from which to spread Sharia law across the world by force if necessary. Hillary Clinton's closest aide, Huma Abedin, once worked for a Muslim Brotherhood publication - her mother is still active and her late father was as well. Is it any wonder that the middle-east is in flames while Obama gives up our gains and leaves a vacuum for the Brotherhood and its affiliates to fill? Who Is Mohamed Elibiary? by Jordan Schachtel 19 Jun 2014 379 post a comment Mohamed Elibiary is a senior member of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council. According to a report by the Center for Security Policy, Elibiary also supports brokering a U.S. partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group. This week, Breitbart’s Kerry Picket reported that Elibiary wrote on Twitter that it is “inevitable that [the] Caliphate returns.” Under an Islamic caliphate, all citizens would be forced to comply with the highly oppressive Islamic Sharia law. Weasel Zippers reported Wednesday that ISIS is now flooding social media sites using DHS advisor Elibiary's "inevitable caliphate" comments, hoping to use Elibiary's words as a recruiting tool to add more militants to their jihadi personnel. Elibiary was seemingly indifferent towards the caliphate-seeking tactics of the ruthless terrorist group known as Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), which is marching through Iraq slaughtering non-Sunni Muslims and beheading innocents. He said on Twitter, "Kind of comical watching pundits on some US TV channels freak out about an #ISIS #Caliphate." He continued, "Easy folks, take deep breath & relax. #Iraq." At first glance, Elibiary’s resume implies that he is the perfect candidate for the post at which he serves. He was a founder of the Texas-based intelligence firm, Lonestar. Elibiary’s CV shows that he has advised governments on local, state, and federal levels. He was even awarded one of the top civilian prizes from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for “combating extremism.” However, questions remain about how Elibiary attained his counterterrorism knowledge. According to Judicial Watch, a long-time friend of Elibiary, Shukri Abu Baker, was the former president of the Holy Land Foundation, a group founded as a financing operation for the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group Hamas. Baker and three others were sentenced to 65 years in prison for using the Holy Land Foundation to finance Hamas’ primary mission: the destruction of the State of Israel. The FBI wiretapped Baker as he told his fellow foundation members to be as deceptive as possible to get their message across. According to national security expert Ryan Mauro, he would frequently tell them, “War is deception.” The Holy Land Foundation trial was the biggest terror-financing trial in the history of the United States. Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy described the HLF as “the piggy bank set up by the Brotherhood in the U.S., under the guise of ‘charity,’ to fund Hamas to the tune of tens of millions of dollars during the deadly intifada.” In 2004, Elibiary was a speaker at an event called “A Tribute to the Great Islamic Visionary,” which honored the ruthless theocratic Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini. In 2006, Elibiary penned an op-ed stating that everyone should read Sayyid Qutb, who is a man widely seen as the founder of radical Islamic groups like Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. Elibiary wrote, “I’d recommend everyone read Qutb, but read him with an eye to improving America not just to be jealous with malice in our hearts.” In 2011, evidence surfaced that Texas authorities caught Elibiary downloading classified information to his personal computer and sending it to the media in an effort to smear Texas Governor Rick Perry as an ‘Islamophobe.’ On October 26, 2011, when Congressman Louie Gohmert asked Former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano about the allegations, she said that she was not aware of them. A few months later, Gohmert would again bring up Elibiary’s misdeeds. Napolitano refused to acknowledge the report, saying the statements were “false, misleading, objectionable, and wrong.” The DHS Secretary never answered the accusations, but she did express that “Muslims have been helping DHS for a long time.” In 2013, Elibiary declared that his friend Baker, the man who was caught financing terrorist group Hamas, was simply a victim of political persecution because he happened to be a Muslim.

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