Wednesday, July 30, 2014

At This Point, Obama and Kerry Probably Would Have Demanded a Post-D-Day Ceasefire

NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE PRINT July 29, 2014 12:00 PM At This Point, Obama and Kerry Probably Would Have Demanded a Post-D-Day Ceasefire By Deroy Murdock President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry’s obsession with ceasefires in Gaza has grown as tiresome as it is destructive. They yell “ceasefire” at Israel more often than a pair of cheerleaders chanting “Sis, boom, bah!” Their fetish is trite, unbecoming, and a needless obstacle to what they instead should promote: Israel’s immediate extermination of Hamas — a bloodthirsty, homicidal, militant-Islamic, Jew-killing machine. “Hamas has broken five cease-fires that we accepted and we actually implemented,” Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Chris Wallace on the July 27 edition of Fox News Sunday. “They rejected all of them, violated all of them, including two humanitarian cease-fires in the last 24 hours.” Netanyahu referred to last Saturday’s twelve-hour humanitarian ceasefire, to allow the Gazans time to rescue the wounded and recover the deceased. As the peaceful interval expired at 1:00 p.m. Eastern time, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) unilaterally extended it for another four hours. But, “moments after the cease-fire officially ended, another three mortars were fired from Gaza and hit Israel in the Eshkol regional council,” CNN reported. “At about 4 p.m. ET, IDF said four rockets had been fired in the last hour.” Thus, Hamas unilaterally launched more explosive rockets at Israel, igniting the violence anew. Obama and Kerry’s barking at Israel notwithstanding, Hamas simply will not take “ceasefire” for an answer. Nonetheless, Kerry’s carbon footprint approaches Sasquatch proportions as he jets around with a peace plan that resembles a Hamas shopping list. “To the ‘horror’ of the Israeli ministers, the Kerry proposal accepted Hamas’s demands for the opening of border crossings into Gaza — where Israel and Egypt fear the import of weaponry; the construction of a seaport; and the creation of a post-conflict funding channel for Hamas from Qatar and other countries,” the Times of Israel reported on Saturday. “The proposal, meanwhile, did not even provide for Israel to continue demolishing the Hamas network of ‘terror tunnels’ dug under the Israeli border.” If Obama and Kerry were politically active during World War II, they might have screamed for a ceasefire soon after D-Day. Remember: The shooting, bombing, shelling, and other war-time carnage devastated French non-combatants. “Between 15,000 and 20,000 French civilians were killed, mainly as a result of Allied bombing,” according to the website of the British D-Day Museum in Portsmouth. “Thousands more fled their homes to escape the fighting.” According to the London Telegraph, errant American bombs that were aimed at bridges over the river Orne instead landed in the middle of the town of Caen, wiping out some 600 innocent residents. “It was terrifying,” recalled Cécile Leclerc, a then-17-year old nursing student who worked in a clinic with her sister. “We could hear blasts everywhere. We were told to stay in the corridor, as only a direct hit would crush us. But once the raids started, there was fire and screaming everywhere.” As she explained to the Telegraph, “When they stopped, the entire clinic had disappeared. Everything was flattened. I never saw my sister again. She disappeared along with all the other nurses.” All told, some 3,000 unarmed French citizens died in the Allied-Nazi crossfire on D-Day alone. According to the Telegraph, some Frenchmen in Normandy still have “a problem” with the British, due to their battle tactics. Back then, many locals called them “the bastards.” “Whoever says such things is an idiot,” protested Colette Marin-Catherine, 86, an alumna of the French Resistance. “Our house was emptied, pillaged. We were ruined. But I would have given a French kiss to the first British soldier I came across.” While the collateral damage at that time was both deep and deadly, it was damn-near impossible to avoid. “Obviously it was a crime to cause such destruction and kill so many people, but probably it was the only thing to stop the Germans long enough from rushing towards the sea,” Andre Heintz, a now-94-year old eyewitness to these events, told The Telegraph. While this nonagenarian gets it, Obama and Kerry do not. As the barely distinguishable rubble of Normandy and Gaza attests, defeating well-armed, ferocious, anti-Semitic fanatics does not happen easily. One could imagine Obama and Kerry wailing over these French civilian cadavers and devastated buildings, and demanding a ceasefire. “Stop all of that nasty shooting, you brutes,” they would have begged Eisenhower and Rommel. “Can’t you all just get along?” Thankfully, Obama and Kerry’s brand of perfidious naïveté was alien to Washington in 1944. American leaders did not cease their fire until a few days after Adolf Hitler put a pistol to his head and pulled the trigger. Once the very last Hamas terrorist similarly speeds himself into Allah’s arms, the Israel Defense Forces’ guns should cease fire. And not a second sooner.

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