Thursday, August 28, 2014

At last a positive outlook


There is a major military achievement here, as well as a major diplomatic
achievement for the State of Israel. Hamas was hit hard and did not receive
one single of the conditions that it set.

• We destroyed the network of attack tunnels that it built over the years.
• Approximately 1,000 terrorists were killed, including senior terrorists,
very senior terrorists from among its top command.
• We destroyed thousands of rockets, rocket launchers, rocket production
facilities and other weapons, arsenals, command and control positions,
hundreds of command positions, hundreds.
• We foiled attempts by Hamas to attack us by land, sea and air.
• We foiled hundreds of attempts by Hamas to kill very many Israeli

Hamas has taken an unprecedented blow and a diplomatic hit.

• It demanded a seaport - it did not get one.
• It demanded an airport, it did not get one.
• It demanded the release of the Shalit prisoners, those who were released
in the Shalit deal whom we returned to prison following the murder of the
three youths, it did not get this.
• It demanded Qatari mediation, it did not get it.
• It demanded Turkish mediation, it did not get it.
• It demanded the rehabilitation of the institutions that we dissolved in
Judea and Samaria, it did not get this.
• It demanded salaries and money from us, it didn't get them.
• It did not receive any condition.

Hamas is also isolated diplomatically. We received international legitimacy
from the global community. First of all, we received 50 days for very strong
action against the terrorist organizations. This was substantial. I think
that we also instilled in the international community the fact that Hamas,
ISIS and Al Qaida and other extremist Islamic terrorist organizations are
members of the same family. We also instilled the understanding that the
long-term goal is the demilitarization of Hamas and the terrorist
organizations, the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip.

Will Hamas not attack for long? It is still too early to say but the harsh
blow that Hamas and the terrorist organizations have taken, as well as our
ability, via border controls, to prevent their rearming increase the chances
that this goal will be achieved.
Hamas was surprised by the strength of our response to the violation of the
most recent ceasefire. It thought that we would give in in the end to its
conditions - and we did not give in. It thought that it could wear us down.

These are important achievements alongside the realignment of regional
forces in the Middle East. The regional change of moderate forces in the
Middle East is creating a possible diplomatic horizon for the State of
There is a realignment of forces in the Middle East, based on the common
concern with the dangers posed by radical Islamic terrorists. Many certainly
begin to view Israel less than the full, or an enemy than a potential ally
in this common battle.
I'd like to translate this understanding of our common challenges into
cooperation in common opportunities, including the pursuit and development
and achievement of a peace between Israel and our Palestinian neighbors. I
want to end the hostilities and make peace.

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