Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 1, September 14th, 2010

I wouldn't know who cares about reading Me but someone told me not long ago that I should write the story of my life and since I think I won't, guess this daily blog will do. 3-4 days away from Yom Kipur might be a reason to start babbling about myself, but actually no reason at all to have chosen today as my starting day but maybe I could try a full 365-day circle to finish it off. Yes, you guessed correctly I am very jewish, in fact I was born in Italy, argentinean by nationality, lived my married life in Peru and ended up in Israel !!, so I am now an israeli-argentinean self, trying my heart out to learn this hebrew language which drives me crazy, not the language but the learning and after so many months of dedication I am very seriously considering myself a disabled skilled language learner female of 61 very young years old. With all the ingredients, daughter of the Shoah survivors, at first feeling a stranger in the land of the strange till I was not feeling a stranger any more but part of a society life made me leave soon enough, uprooted to a land even stranger and the same drill, when I was starting to settle down, again uprooted to my Land where once again I am trying to find myself. Here in Israel 2 and a half years ago, I am no longer the image in the photo nor yet the place in a place, the self, the question and my being, but I am used to elbow my way along so this is my last path and hope my elbows got stronger and wiser..........

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