Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 2, Sept. 15th, 2010

Where to begin ? I had quite a sad childhood but now I am living in the land of my dreams, Karmiel/Israel !!?? a jewish/israeli land called arabia rausita, not that I have a particular grudge against many/any particular nationality but I came to Israel to enjoy my people, but before landing here I lived in Raanana, the land of the anglos and lately the french, we latins are everywhere too but if you came here trying to find your jewish roots you end up finding the one you left behind. Many things in common, we argentineans, share with the israelis, we are loud, very loud and our ego is so high we feel home here though israelis are much more rude than we are.
So roots, shmuts, the whole circle is round again and quite healthy and I ended up where I should have started if My parents had chosen the allyah to the pre Israel birthdate back in 1949 from Italy, one of my other countries of the past and hadn't gone to the southern goldene medina of Uruguay first and Argentina second when I was only 6 months old. So if you really want to instill a certain nationality to your kids send them to school in the given country and when they learn the language, they fly the flag, they watch the colors of every national symbol and start chanting the hymn, very difficult to uproot these roots for good, at least I haven't, it doesn't matter how many years I lived in Peru and that I landed in my promised land and that I love her and love her national symbols before I could even write, unless you for some reason or other, grow a grudge against your country/religion/parents etc etc, some things will stay for do not ask me who do I want to win a football/soccer match in the Internationa/World Football Cup, you already know the answer unless a question of double loyalty is raised and then Israel wins my heart and the game and the Championship !!.

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