Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 15, Sept. 28th, 2010

And my dream of one day becoming the future Prime Minister of Israel, the future Golda Meir is so vanishing day after day. As so many dreams have also vanished with it..........or maybe someday in this so funny and unique country the people will vote for someone who does not speak hebrew cause everything is possible here. And people are so fed up with politicians that maybe, just maybe they could vote for me cause they would most likely just don't want to hear more speeches on their own language !, to be fair this is true to all politicians on earth, people just do not trust them any more...........I wonder why. But people work so many hours, they just never get tired, I have been called on the cell earlier than 8am and past 10.30pm, seriously, what's wrong with these people ??, nothing is normal in this country and I mean nothing !, ok, I need to finish this page off cause my cell is ringing to a chore

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