Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 191, March 23rd, 2011

It scares me to death how easily you can give up on life. It is a very slow and a steady process and deep enough to conquer and take over unless you catch it on time and I realized that in a way I am sort of giving up/quitting as if it were a bad habit like quitting smoking but this is very serious very unhealthy and yet so easy to do. I guess when you feel so overwhelmed, no matter if you really are, what matters is how really you feel your problems are that serious to take away your will. And I don’t want to quit and I don’t want to let go of being in charge of my life. I look at myself on the computer

And I don’t like what I see, I see a person getting old not because of age but because she’s just doing it bad, failing herself and life and letting things take over. Yes, there’s been a lot of changes but adjusting to them and a new life should not mean letting oneself up and deserting the people who love you, me included

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