Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 17, Sept. 30th, 2010

And all the festivities have ended and we are left, once more, defenseless, by ourselves alone and lonely again thrown away into a merciless world. Even if you are not religious, even if you are not a believer, even so, a whole month dedicated to someone, something, an idea, a thought, a being, a sense and purpose, a light, a universe, God ? ...........anything, cause it is almost impossible not feeling some presence, idea, grandeur, glorious something when you are given a gift to enjoy for a whole month a presence, a company, a friend, a hand on your shoulder and when you thought you grasped it this time over, when you think you are so full anew, cleansing, strength, joy, hope and a deep feeling a  another chance, the wine is no longer there, the food is gone, the table is empty, family and friends away going about their own businesses and unfortunately life goes on, the party is over, even God goes vacationing and slowly, dully, heartlessly, painfully life drags on to the next day, the next adventure, the next lonesome night into a darkness sometimes full of light and joy and sometimes just that, darkness....we are born, lonely, painfully struggling our way out into this world, who knows why, and lonely we part  even if we are surrounded by an army of beloved ones, next and final journey, no one at your side, just yourself........educate your children, give them good weapons and make them strong but above all do not criticize Ever, and Never in public, scold them them if necessary but critics only make weak children with no self love and no self love leads to a cruel life

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