Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 18, October 1st, 2010

Somebody suggested I chose a more appealing photo, like me smiling but to tell you the truth, my real self today has not a good close-up one, let alone me smiling, not that I do not smile ever or laugh for that matter, It's just that I really do not have one updated to tell whom I am today. I look very sad on this one,, but maybe sadness is my nature, or maybe seriousness is, but I like the rays of sun pouring on my face, I like the light effect and what's most important, I like to emphasize what it is perhaps my only asset, my green eyes, I love my green eyes and I am not ashamed to confess it since in the end I talk too much about things I do not like or ended up loving just too eyes, I always did, they are a rare green and it matched beautifully my red hair when I use to have it red, today I just quit fighting nature and decided that grey is also good as long as deep down I will always stay red, remain red, be faithful to orange/red and keep on loving it. And stick to my red nature and what it has always been good about it, the red that gave me tools to fight my space along, to fit my self along, to overcome a dysfunctional family of my childhood, the feeling of unworthiness, pain, solitude, health issues and try to start over.

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