Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 19, October 2nd, 2010

Choices, good ones or bad ones, this is pretty much everything life's about, tell you, I know it from deep, deeper down my throat, my deepest, deepest self, I pay them day after day after day, never mind that I know this secret, I still as of today make them, the bad ones, I mean...........the first bad choice is to choose looking back to bad choices which made them even worse than they already are, cause if you pay them anyway one way or the other, then why choose give them so much power, the power too still re live them on  a daily basis and keep on wondering ...........what if..............what if I had chosen differently, but I didn't, so this useless bloody exercise is bad enough, terrible enough, useless enough and takes so much energy out of your system, your life your future...........what if, whaat if, whaaaaaaat if
For sure this is not a good way to say good bye to a past week and be ready to face the challenges of a new one, maybe this week I will grow more wise and make good choices, maybe this week is going to be the best week of the rest of my life, maybe the choices of this week will change the face of the rest of my life and finally pay off all my debts, bad choices, sins, and simply enjoy it

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