Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 4, Sept. 17th, 2010 and 5.771 Jewish date

Today's my middle daughter's birthday, erev Yom Kipur. So typical of me it was sort of my decision for her to be born today, 35 years ago. That time in universal age we could not know, at least in Peru, if the baby we were carrying, was a boy or a girl or whichever the other 2 genders. My mother was one week away to travel back to Buenos Aires, I thought it was going to be wrong if she missed the Brith Mila if it were a boy, yes, this is me !! so organized, so vehement........true, It had been, by the 16th, one week late her due day so to my relief of conscience I went to the doctor with my little problem, so he said, come tomorrow we will induce the birth and so it was written another entry on my long and wide book filled with so many things to regret/analize.
After spending a whole day in almost agony over an epidural not meant for me or my guilt, she was born almost on the 18th......11.15 PM, a beautiful blonde baby girl. My first born, a boy, now in his 36, was the only one of the 3 born to nature, everything by the book, normal, natural not even an epidural......Brith Mila the following week, Pideon Aven following month.
Today, 35 years later, I still don't know why am I doing this, this blog I mean, but I am, very far away, away and when I was going to take a nap before the long day ahead of fasting and all of the perks of Yom Kipur, to get ready to go afteerwards to my son's for the meal of erev Yom Kipur, the other 2 daughters included at table, he calls me to say if he could leave his children over for a while for them to prepare for the feast and who can say NO to grandchildren if they are what we love most in life, I think they are our second chance in life, our chance to mend our past, our chance to do good where we intended to, but failed or not or if, our chance for survival and past our time our being in their instead of having my nap I decided to write day 4, which was not meant to be born today due to the holiday and by sort of a universal wisdom, it is, 35 years later.

When I mean israelis I mean every human being/or not, living on this blessed land, arabs included, every creature holding a teudat zeut, so in the end you don't know whom you are addressing when you get mad, it is the mixture of more than 70 nationalities, and these more than 70 nationalities have the odd tradition of not saying shalom, boker tov, hello, hi, whatever to the people who share their next door with, their floor above and below, their so to speak, cause I do not believe in destiny and a doomed fate but as a common existence in many cases, again !! I do not understand this, americans are so polite, latins are so polite, who are these creatures ?? but hello I can say in hebrew so my first Tikun Olam in Israel, say hello, shalom or boker tov to my neighbours and teach them manners and I succseded, like it or not 99% answer back, cause these are the people we will go to hell with if God forbid one sloppy neighbour forgets to put off their cigarette.

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