Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 5, Sept. 18th, 2010 Written today after Yom Kipur's Soul Break

Good news, Judaism is sound and save and healthy. It has been a unique spiritual comfort to go to Synagogue in the mountains, not my first YK in Israel but the most breathtaking, first of all we were a bit closer to Him, fantastic view and the same old prayers I've heard in at least 3 countries, the same chants, songs, People so in the end we are a People. At least once a year we are one and every single Jew or almost every single one goes to pray, even if they don't, even if like in my case I do not understand squat, I understand singing and the power of prayer done in common and the strenght they carry. Looking out the windows I could gaze the mountains and the sky, almost everybody dressed in white and at the sound of the shofar the extasis was amazing. In the galut we go to synagogue driving, in Israel no one dares to drive !, the empty streets are ours to walk by and the kids' to bike by, cause this is Yom Kipur in Israel, the Day we really function as one, but just only one day and a half per year could be enough ?? or we should have one of this each month just as a routine act of reminding us that even if we don't think/act/believe in alike, we still are One. Yom Kipur in Issssrael is something so terribly Odd, particular, unique and fantastic, a whole country just stops and I stop too, whereas in the galut life went on like usual irreverent, disrespectful of my being on the holiest day on earth, God's day. My personal book was sealed today and I hope I will get good news on the mail, firstly, get to witness the following YK, health, money and wealth and so forth, so, is it not this the fact that even non believers, liberals and rebels just go to shull at least for the 5 ending shofar's sound, cause I do not believe in witches but just in case they exist ??!

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