Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 6, Sept. 19th, 2010

I have always been a rare Avis, the daughter of a single parent to divorced/separated parents back in the fifties in the conservative, church oriented argentinean society. Daughter of a working mother in the family oriented society of Argentina. A foreigner, though being italian in Argentina is almost like being argentinean myself, a jewess, now that's a bit different in a time when during the WWII, in my Argentina nazis had been welcomed In and Jews welcomed Out..........A non-existent Sanda name when an R was missing somewhere, red-haired when nobody was, a rebel but also a leader at least in primary school, an avant-garde thinker even at that age, lots of freckles, curly hair and all of the perks of an E.T.
Oddly enough I managed somehow to create a sense of mystery around me taking the advantage of my strange history/story and lure my little friends into liking me and searching for my 6 to 11 baby year's advice, cause I have always been well-read, what else, who else ??, and became sort of a sex advisor cause what for the rest of the school had been a hush-hush subject, piece of cake for my life's knowledge. So yes, before my inside's oriented period, I enjoyed sort of a period of Golden Age where I meant a lot to a lot of people other than myself or my mom and mom's side of the family, where in my imagination or for real I had very little value, on the other hand my grandparents on my father's side had decided already I had to become a lawyer due to my ability to speak out for justice and my articulate speech at such an early stage in life, but my kingdom/queendom lasted short enough to left me very insecure and very little pampered cause my mother regarded them as the devils I could not talk too, father included. Solitude, devastation and a sense of void sort of became my modus vivendi where the father like figure and the caring grandparents became my Marco in my life.

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