Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 7, Sept. 20th, 2010

Job Title : House wife, but not always desperate
Experience: Some 30 years or so maybe less than that
Master's : Diapers' Changer/nose cleaner/bath tub showerer

Who gives a damn ?? What is really your profession ?? none, has it gotten a market price/value ? none and what is it your pensia ?? zip
So raising up healthy children who would keep society you live in free of more violent scums, jails free of more mouths to feed and roads more safe has no market value. At least in Argentina some merits we have, we are given our pensia, not me, the rest of the daily sufferers who have gone through life with the courage to face the ugly faces they make at you when they learn you are nobody, done nothing, achieved no medal, nothing but stay at home, doing the daily profession of being a housewife....

Well, my role has been slightly lighter with so much Help around, the devoted maids, cooks, nannies who made our lives more meaningful but it was also a daily job cause who ran the play ?? we did ! and now, actually at present my life is run by a huge line of over experienced, over rated, over prepared lions/nesses over qualified people who give no space for the ordinary people of the cavern ages who want to fit in somewhere, somehow to make a decent living

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