Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 21, October 4th, 2010

Ah !! the human spirit !!, When I have stayed for almost 2 months at the Tel Hashomer Rehabilitation Center, after the first of two operations I have gone through in Israel, I think I have seen quite. The good, the ugly, the bad, human misery and healing of the spirit. Most patients lacked one or the two legs and I kept wondering how are they doing alive. Many looked completely hopeless, some coped some just got adjusted to the idea of learning how to live and how to live with artificial ?? I have both my own, though a stick inside each one from the hips to the knee and myself too had to learn to live with the idea that I am somewhat disabled myself though at that inferno I fell I had won the lottery and did my best to take my stay there as a vacation in a spa, which in some ways it was. I did my extra exercises by myself and even sunbathed with my clothes on, legs, face and torso cause I needed so desperately to believe in life after that.
My understanding with the rest was null, if I scarcely speak Hebrew now, two sentences, I spoke two words back then. What I did a lot of was meditation, not in the way meditation is talked upon today but as a daily routine of thinking about life, I had all the time in the world to think about life, my life, life and the meaning of everything. No, I did not discover the fundamental stone and explanation of whom we are and why we play this planet but maybe I got a bit stronger and maybe out of comparing disgraces I graced myself up and I learnt more about human urges from the sick than from the healthy and not even speaking the same language and lacking legs, even then and there I got sexual proposals from two or three !!, ah, the human spirit and nature !

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