Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 22, October 5th, 2010

The number 22 has always been magical to me. Who wants suffering in their lives, who wants to live dull lives or even tough ones ?? Maybe, just Maybe our generation is less shallow than today's, more analytical, inquisitive and intellectual and wise but is it really necessary to know everything about the meaning of life to live it plentifully ?? Today's generation is a practical one and less analytical. Why bother with answers we will not have anyway and if we do maybe we can't do nothing about ?
The cool generation in search of today's pleasures, success and power. But it gets more cruel by the day cause life today is measured by success, money and power and to get them they need to work really hard, the competition is ample and with no mercy for the weak but if you won't enter this circle of power they can always live the way they want to, the life of going back to earth life, nature and freedom so in the end who's more wiser anyway ??, today's............not many ties to tradition, the past, the old, the worries, the set of close and tied up customs and ways, cause today the world is really the world in one big country. Sense and sensitivity, the loud music, large tattoos and beer, no shame no fuss. In the end who is the owner of the truth ?, As long as you don't hurt anybody, maybe nothing is wrong but one way or the other we, not so young aged, need to adjust and understand, mix and combine and come up with our own recipes if we want to be part of our family's world, grammar and speech and stay connected.

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