Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 23, October 6th, 2010

Israel is not a perfect place but it is much, much closer than the rest of the countries on earth. Here the government works for the people, in the places I've lived in, especially those of Central and South America, the people work for the government. Health, education and justice are on the lowest scale on the government's interests and police are corrupt to the core. There's exceptions to rules, countries and times in history. Maybe cause there's no common place, people and goals, maybe cause these countries act as if they were still conquerors instead of doers and workers for a common destiny. Here maybe some things are not clear yet and there's a constant flow of people which make the goals change a bit but there's a common sense of purpose, past, history, sharing, roots and destiny. Or maybe mainly cause the sense of life is so strong and living is so passionate, our cheers over a glass of wine are addressed To Life, Le Haim, a society which cries the past but did not remain stuck into it. Where building a future, a society, is the main Goal. Where laughter is so important and the music a constant river of never ending melodies that touch our hearts, a people who are sometimes so different and have so extreme believes in politics but get so close, so together in times of sorrow, wars and pain. A People who defies the rules of prejudice and sense, a People who should have been swept away from the face of the earth long, long ago, instead remain so absolutely and resolutely alive. The only People on earth whose existence is questioned everyday and rejected everyday, are the only ones to remain standing no matter what and for good.

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