Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 24, October 7th, 2010

I want to give up but will try some more days. Tomorrow we are going to the south to my daughter's, all my 3 kids and families meeting there and staying together and life is good.

This is something to talk and talk and talk about and analyze till the end of the planet but I haven't seen people so proud of themselves and so in self hatred as we, Jews. Not me, of course, but I can find people who don't like specific issues and so on, normal, but what is it that makes some of us so in bad shape regarding their own ?? not that we cannot be critical of some issues but when we hate ourselves we do it with a passion I would like we have it for love of ourselves and our People, there will always be people among us who will always pisses us off immensely but the extreme hatred I cannot understand and not that they keep it like OK, issues we have, the more the self hatred the more they want it out, in the air, for the whole world to be the very happy witnesses of being part of a common legion of Jew haters and if they have Jews among them all the better cause their cause has a meaning and a certificate of authenticity. Why self hating Jews are so loud and vocal ?? do they need to suck up to our enemies, is it being a Jew such a heavy burden to carry that instead of rejecting it peacefully they need to hollywood it ??

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