Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 26, October 9th, 2010

Dragging my feet on and on and this ugly so deeply rooted feeling that I am going nowhere, doing nothing, accomplishing nothing. This stay in the middle of nowhere when you know you can still give much to society but you have no place in it anymore. Maybe some place left for family and that's it, too young to die, too young to surrender, too young to do nothing, too young to say good-bye but too old for anything/everything else, retirement days are kicking in without my consent. Too late and too soon, in the middle of nowhere to go, to be, to do, to feel. Who gives a damn about the meaning of life now, I want to find put what is the meaning of today, tomorrow morning and that's it. So here I am, in-between places and countries, in-between ages, in-between life. Could it get more pathetic than this? When is my sunshine coming back? Cause I did have it in my hands, just another span of easiness in-between life itself. Or maybe it is only me and my void and my attitude and myself, the half empty glass of water, the half empty glass of life. As long as I can't let go of the bad, the pain, the memories, the past I will always and only have me with my empty glass

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